Sunday, November 20, 2011

too many elevens

I was catching up on some NPR backlog today and I heard the All Songs Considered 11/11/11 tribute show:  These Go To 11.  Not all that impressed with their selections, I decided to make my own list.  Eleven days after ASC's show, here's my list of eleven songs I ALWAYS turn up loud.  Please post your list!

She's Hi-Fi (Live) -Trend
School Love -Anvil
I Wanna Be Your Dog -The Stooges
Heater -X
Up Jumped The Devil -Ronnie Dawson
Shot By Both Sides -Magazine
Shakedown -Thee Hypnotics
Romeo -Wipers
No Metal -Monotonix
She Bangs The Drums -The Stone Roses
Hundred Mile High City -Ocean Colour Scene

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